Introduction to Machine Learning with Python

Virtual Live Coding Workshop

6th & 7th August 2020, delivered live via Zoom

What You Will Learn

Interested in physics, maths, technology or engineering?

This two-day live workshop combines maths and coding to teach you the fundamentals of machine learning in Python.


Comfortable with Python fundamentals (values, variables, data structures, loops, conditions, functions)

    • Introduction to Data Science
    • Data Processing with Pandas
    • Data Visualisation
    • Classification and Regression
    • k Nearest Neighbours algorithm
    • Decision Trees
    • Training, cross validation and tuning
  • Receive a package of hands-on Python projects to work at home and practice your skills. You will receive instant feedback on correctness and quality of your code utilising the proprietary EDUKATE.AI learning platform.

    1. Preparatory Python refresher exercises
    2. Analysis of worldwide vehicle dataset
    3. Conduct exploratory data analysis on FTSE data
    4. Build a predictive model for kickstarter campaign

Your Instructor & Delivery

You will be taught by Dr Raoul-Gabriel Urma in a virtual live coding delivery using Zoom.

Raoul holds a PhD in Computer Science from Cambridge University as well as a MEng in Computer Science from Imperial College London and graduated with first-class honours, having won several prizes for technical innovation.

Raoul has advised and worked for several organisations on large-scale software engineering projects including at Google, Oracle, eBay and Goldman Sachs.

He is also author of several programming books, including the best-seller “Modern Java in Action: lambdas, streams, functional and reactive programming” which sold over 30,000 copies globally and with a second edition published in November 2018 as well as “Real-World Software Development” published in December 2019.

He was nominated an Oracle Java Champion in 2017. He is also an international speaker having delivered over 100 talks covering Emerging Technologies, Entrepreneurship, Java and Python. 

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How will this workshop help you ?

Interested in physics, maths, technology or engineering? The Coding Summer School will teach you valuable programming skills used in all industries.



Want to enter the tech industry? Do you aim to become the next Mark Zuckerberg? Coding will help you leverage technology to prototype, build and scale your ideas. Additionally, computational thinking will help you break down problems and efficiently structure projects.


If you want to explore a career in Physics, coding skills will help you quickly pick up MatLab, a useful application to analyse data and experiment with different algorithms to model and simulate concepts.


To pursue engineering, programming knowledge and understanding is essential to design/develop programs and add new functionality to products. This has a number of exciting industry applications, such as building autonomous systems.