Join students from around the world to learn new skills, build real-world products and get a taste of what it's like studying at the University of Cambridge.


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The Cambridge Coding Summer School is an exciting, hands-on programme for students aged 13-18.

In one week, you will learn how to build a game, create a web app, program photo filters, code music and more!

She loved the whole Cambridge experience, made some wonderful friends, found the tutors friendly and encouraging, and is now considering applying for a place at Cambridge after 'A' Levels. The Cambridge Coding Academy Summer School was definitely one of the major highlights of the summer!
Josephine Corcoran Horsfall, Parent

Our summer schools are hosted at the University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory. Our leading curriculum is enhanced with guest lectures by researchers and industry practitioners, providing opportunities to learn from the best and receive expert advice throughout the programme.

Residential students stay in an historic Cambridge college, for an authentic taste of student life in Cambridge.


Have an exciting summer

Our courses are a great mix of creative energy, social activities and hands-on coding.

Learn from the best

Be inspired by academic and industry experts through personalised learning experiences and one-on-one support.

Stand out & get ahead

Learn invaluable skills to make your university applications and CV exceptional.

Experience Cambridge

Enjoy exploring Cambridge with new friends as if you were studying at one of the best universities in the world.

Head-start in STEM

Learn three fundamental programming languages for anyone aiming to pursue future studies in any of the STEM subjects or a career in Technology.

Inspirational atmosphere

We welcome students from around the world, creating a unique atmosphere and rewarding experience for all who attend.

How coding will help you

Interested in physics, maths, technology or engineering? The Coding Summer School will teach you valuable programming skills used in all industries.


Want to enter the tech industry? Do you aim to become the next Mark Zuckerberg? Coding will help you leverage technology to prototype, build and scale your ideas. Additionally, computational thinking will help you break down problems and efficiently structure projects.


If you want to explore a career in Physics, coding skills will help you quickly pick up MatLab, a useful application to analyse data and experiment with different algorithms to model and simulate concepts.


To pursue engineering, programming knowledge and understanding is essential to design/develop programs and add new functionality to products. This has a number of exciting industry applications, such as building autonomous systems.