Frequently Asked Questions

Coding Summer School

What level of coding are students expected to have before the summer school?

We cater for both students with no previous programming knowledge and for students who already program fluently. We also encourage students with different abilities and experience to collaborate with each other.

Can students outside the UK attend?

Definitely! A large proportion of our students come from abroad, the only stipulation being that they are fluent enough in English to follow the course.

Do you allow students outside the 13-18 age range to attend?

Although we have on occasion had students aged 12, these have been exceptional cases, and we would tend to recommend that younger individuals wait until they fall within the age range so that they can better enjoy the social aspects of the summer school. Similarly, we have had students over 18 who have had a fantastic time at our summer school, but individuals over 21 might find that their interests and objectives differ from those of the other students.

How many tutors are there?

The number of tutors depends on the size of the class but we always ensure at least a 1:10 ratio to provide a great learning experience for the summer school participants.

Where do residential students stay?

Residential students stay at Queen’s College, which is in the centre of Cambridge and a 30-minute walk to the Computer Laboratory. Students will be chaperoned throughout their stay (both within college and for the walk to and from the Computer Laboratory).

What supervision will there be for residential students?

Students will be chaperoned throughout their stay (both within college and for the walk to and from the Computer Laboratory), but parents may give consent for them to explore Cambridge unaccompanied by an adult.

What types of evening social activities are planned for the residential students?

Depending on the number of students and their preferences, the chaperone will organise different activities. In the past, evening activities have included, mini hackathons, playing multi-player games, discussing university subject options and applications, and watching movies with a Computer Science theme.

Do you provide computers?

We are unable to provide students with computers so students must bring their own. This also means they are able to easily continue working on their code after the summer school.

Are meals provided?

Lunch and refreshments will be provided each day. Additionally, there is a cafe and a set of vending machines in the building that students can use (we would advise bringing loose change). Breakfast and dinner is provided for those staying in the college.