Easter Courses

What you will learn

Day 1

Build your game

  • Introduction to Programming with JavaScript
  • Adding user interaction to your game
  • Adding physics to your game

Day 2

Make a website for your game

  • Make a website for your game using HTML/CSS
  • Advanced layout and styling
  • Publish your game online

Day 3

Gameplay dynamics

  • Gameplay dynamics
  • Add new gameplay dynamics
  • Learn how to work with data structures

Day 4

Image processing

  • Program your own Instagram filters for your game avatars
  • Work with advanced data structures
  • Learn about Object-Oriented Programming

Day 5

Code your own music

  • Samples and threads
  • Synths, effects and choice
  • Advanced topics


Foundation Coding Certificate

  • Receive an assessment after the course to gain a Foundation Coding Certificate

Special activities

Tech labs

  • Work through personal projects with tutors

Formal dinner

  • Attend a traditional formal dinner in a Cambridge College Grand Dining Hall

Lectures / outings

  • Hear specialist talks from researchers and industry experts

Foundation Coding Certification Package

£99 added to your ticket

The Foundation Coding Certificate package is a post-course assessment designed to recognise the coding skills and techniques our students have acquired.

  • Students will receive set of activities and mini-projects to work on independently after the summer school.
  • Student submit their work for review within two months and receive detailed feedback to help them improve their skills.
  • Students will be awarded the Foundation Coding certificate upon successful completion, which will be useful to include in University applications.