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Cambridge Coding Academy

Cambridge Coding Academy is led by a team of researchers from Cambridge and Imperial, as well as enthusiastic Computer Science teachers from across the UK. Founded in 2014, we have been delivering exceptional industry-relevant computer science training to young people. From the beginning, we have been working with leading educational institutions, both in the UK and internationally, to help students develop new skills, take control of technology, and get creative with code. Our mission is to make high quality technology education fun, personalised and accessible to everyone.

Cambridge Coding Academy is a constantly growing community of young coders and pre-university students. Our project-based coding curriculum incorporates a combination of hands-on activities, stimulating challenges, and outcome-driven projects. These are designed to equip students with today’s most in-demand skills, as they learn to code their own real-world products.

We are supported by the University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory, Cambridge Judge Business School, The Royal Society of Arts and HRH the Duke of York.


The Cambridge Coding Academy teaching team is made up of a team of Cambridge Computer Science PhD’s, computer science teachers and industry specialists. We have a passion for teaching and helping students understand programming while having a great time.

CCA Team
CCA Team