Learn fundamentals coding skills to build games and create interactive websites and responsive applications. This five-day course covers the popular programming languages HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

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Build your game
Make a website for your game
Gameplay dynamics
Image processing
Code your own music
Cambridge Coding Certification

A follow up intensive summer school for students seeking to advance their coding skills and build smart products using Artificial Intelligence. This five-day course covers the widely used programming language Python.

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Build a game using PyGame
Develop game AI
Optimise gameplay
Create a bot
AI in the wild
Post-course project

Advice from the experts

Computers underpin much of modern society. Learn the fundamentals of coding from these experts - good for you and good for society.
Prof. Alan Mycroft, Professor of Computing in the Computer Laboratory of Cambridge University
Anyone can benefit from being able to program, and this event is an excellent way to get started.
Dr. Alastair Beresford, University of Cambridge Senior Lecturer